Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cyberpunk Alley

While I've been thinking of things to improve in regards to my modelling, I went on a tangent and started making car parts, which while it improved some of my hard surface modelling skills, I feel like it was not down the list of things I like to create.

So instead of moving down that path, I decided to go for something a little more fun and involving to something that I actually want to do. I've always had an interest in cyberpunk, everything from Blade Runner to Ghost in the Shell and Deus Ex. It has always been my favourite genre and I feel it has plenty of space for realism and fantasy.

One of my upcoming projects will require creating a large number of buildings so I feel this will help my with some hard surface modelling and lighting. There will be a need for lots of little details and pieces to model, so this will be my focus.  

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