Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Friday, May 6, 2016

Update: Re-doing the Cyberpunk Alley

A short time ago I started on a cyberpunk alley scene and thought I was going along fine until I showed it to peers. I received feedback stating the scene was a bit too rudimentary and lacked depth/clutter and detail.

So I have re-done the environment art to fit a better angle and created some model sheets to work from.

I have already created a hand full of the models in the scene and plan to update with them soon.

Tutorial #1 Texturing Seamlessly

I will be uploading 2 tutorials this week, 1 on seamless textures and another on advanced modelling techniques.

Tutorial : Easy Seamless texturing

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Shader change

I've changed the regular blinn textures out for Mila shaders and textures as the results are much nicer.

Textures and lighting

Testing Textures and lighting in the scene, making sure any repeating textures look good.

Start of 3D alley

So here is a start on the 3D alleyway I painted, I've blocked where I want objects to go and got a general idea of the scale.

            Of course it is a bit rough, but it is a start. I will post updates as it gets filled out.

Additional Cyberpunk work

In addition to the cyberpunk alley, I hope to add an additional 3D portrait of a character in the universe, should time permit.