Saturday, April 2, 2016

Character redesign

If I end up in another company that already has established characters or ideas, there may be a chance that the company may want to modernize some of their ideas for a new project.

For a side project, I redesigned the cacodemon from the early 1990s game Doom. 

The character is a sort of demonic blob that flies and spits little plasma balls at the player, The game is already being rebooted with a modern look, but I wanted to retain more of the originals features.

Sticking to the original red, I fused the first design with a more sleek and wispy body, enlarging the eye and retaining the horns. I felt the original design did not have a very menacing mouth, so I changed it to something that more represents an angler fish. I did not want to change the core idea of the character too drastically, just update a few things. I am hoping to possibly model, texture and render the character should time permit.

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