Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rejected work

One of the worst things to happen while doing any form of art is having your work rejected. Unfortunately this is part and parcel of the industry, you will have ideas that will work and you will have ideas that won't work. Creating 50 images and having only 1 or none selected can be disheartening, but you move on.

I was recently given the task of designing a creature for a film and while I cannot show the final image, I can demonstrate some ideas that were put forward.

While most ideas were not given the go ahead, I gave some ideas that the producer went ahead with - the bird like features. I tried to mix up the designs so they could be branched out and added to, but ultimately none were picked for the final design as another artist took the ideas and went another way with them. which is fine. I like to see it as building the pillars so others can finish the bridge.

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