Wednesday, August 12, 2015

HRD Imaging

HDR Imaging,  (High Dynamic Range Imaging) is used to allow multiple light levels in a single image composed of 3 or more images.

Essentially with a 3 photo shoot, 1 photo would be taken at a darker level and shadow detail, the next at a regular level to capture the detail and the final at a higher exposure to capture the light detail. Capturing higher light level and darker images removes some of the detail if captured, but when applied in separate layers to a regular photo with all detail this allows the image to retain the brightness and dark levels while still keeping the original pictures detail.

Here is an example of a typical 3 level HDR image. The top left picture being the high light image, the center the regular level and the dark to the right. The lower left is a combination of the 3 top images sampling all 3 to crate one detailed image with the high and low level captures blended in.

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